Wednesday, May 30, 2012


This is not a philosophical question. I didn't ask how "would" you react, I am asking how you actually reacted.

It's a litmus test. It has a pass/fail.

Oh yeah...sorry...I guess you need to know what I am asking you reacted to.

Well...any "incident" from mildly upsetting to tragic. 

What was your first reaction to the most recent trial or disturbance in your life?

"Well pastor, I immediately was conscious of the fact that I have no real control over the situation at hand so as always, I found myself immediately turning it all over to the trust and care of God."

*Woot, woot, woot* Applause! Whistles! Bells!

"Tell them what they've won Johnny!"

That is a passing grade for sure. 

Now, I didn't say life was a pass/fail. I just said that in instances of how the average Christian trusts God with their daily living, and for purposes of reaching an understanding of how that balances out one way or the other, that there would be a pass/fail.

Trusting God to the fullest at all times is an obvious "pass".

I also do not want to trivialize failure.

There are far too many admonitions in the bible to trust God for us to even remotely think that anything less than that would result in anything but failure.

I don't like the term "failed God". In reality we fail ourselves. We bear the suffering from the results of not trusting Him fully, and not because He punishes us for it, but simply because we are not receiving the full benefit due us.

There are tons of scenarios throughout the bible where we have been encouraged to trust God but were sidetracked by other details.

Fear. Pomposity. Arrogance. Unbelief. Grief. Sin. All are things that run us off the rails of a solid trust in God to be able to deal with every facet of daily living.

"In God I will praise His word, in God I have put my trust; I will not fear what flesh can do unto me." (Psalm 56:4 KJV) (PASS)

"Woe to them that go down to Egypt for help; and stay on horses, and trust in chariots, because they are many; and in horsemen, because they are very strong; but they look not unto the Holy One of Israel, neither seek The Lord!" (Isaiah 31:1 KJV) (FAIL)

1 Tim. 4:10 - "With a view to this we toil and strive, [yes and] suffer reproach, because we have [fixed our] hope on the living God, Who is the Savior (Preserver, Maintainer, Deliverer) of all men, especially of those who believe (trust in, rely on, and adhere to Him). (PASS)

Is it always "I'm so glad I trusted God with this one."? No. However, in the long run it will be better to trust God than not to.

Sometimes the immediate situation does not change, nor does it appear to change for the better. It might even bring further reproach or difficulty. It may not reveal the benefit until way down the road.

We are not trusting God so that we can be more comfortable, or that we could gain riches or favor with others. Or to feather our nests. Or to be healthier. Or...

We trust God because we love Him and have found Him to be our eternal Way. We love Him because He has first loved us.

We trust Him because it is the right thing to do.

However, a funny thing happens when our hearts are right with Him. 

We find it easier to place our trust in Him. We can do no other thing.

Back to the original question. How "did" you react?

It is indeed a true litmus test because it will reveal contraindications.

People who do not proceed along the path of trust, and at the end of a long life have not trusted the Giver of Life any more than they did at the very beginning of that relationship, are people who have become a tragedy of living by their own ways and means.

Living tragedies.

Nervous. Afraid. Arrogant. Sleepless. Joyless. Worried, etc. All symptoms of trusting everything else but God. did you do? 

I hope you passed today. I hope everything you do, every decision you make, every trial that comes your way, will be placed in the hands of the One who is worthy and proven so.

It's as Keepin' it Real as it gets.

Pastor Kevin <><

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