Friday, July 6, 2012

What Do I Know?

I know a few things. There is also much I don't know.

But when it comes to the really important things in this life that I NEED to know and understand, I am sure of this...

Job 19:25-26 - "For I know that my Redeemer and Vindicator lives, and at last He [the Last One] will stand upon the earth. (26) And after my skin, even this body, has been destroyed, then from my flesh or without it I shall see God."

Jesus Christ lives! This I know beyond doubt. He lives and has redeemed me from the punishment of Hell. 

He is coming back to this earth again, and whether in my flesh or in my spirit, I will see Him personally.

There are some things in this life we can be sure of. Some say it's pretty much death and taxes. Neither are 100% true.

The one sure thing is that Jesus is Lord and that He is alive and sitting at the Right Hand of God interceding for you and I today. He is preparing a place for us to live with Him eternally. He will soon come to gather His Church. If we are dead before that we will be resurrected and given new bodies. If we are alive we will be transformed in an instant and taken with Jesus to Heaven. At some subsequent point we will return with Him to vanquish the enemies of Israel and God and restore His Kingdom in the Holy Temple of the New Jerusalem.

I also know another thing. If you are not born-again today, and when all of this is fulfilled, you will miss it.

Sad. Heartbreaking. Tragic. Painfully true nonetheless.

Just remember, when it happens and you didn't make it, that it was never God's choice for you. He wanted you with Him but you rejected Jesus. 

So...what do I really know? A few things. But none more important than these things.

Keepin' it Real,

Pastor Kevin <><

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