Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"It Doesn't Come Off With Cheap Grace And Water", by Pastor Kevin Lynch

Cheesy religious words like "May God have mercy on your soul" just before they pull the switch.

They don't mean that. They are hoping you burn in hell. Cheap grace in a cheap suit.

Pilate washes his hands and says to the crowd of angry Jews, "I am not guilty of nor responsible for this righteous Man's blood; see to it yourselves."

He saw a riot was about to break and got scared and tried to slither out from the responsibility. They say Pilate later drowned himself in the Mediterranean.

This stuff does not come off with cheap grace and water. No matter how high your position is.

Guilt is guilt and the remedy is forgiveness.

You must be forgiven.

Cheap redundancies and repetitive circuitous paths around a string of beads won't do it.

There aren't enough coins for the wishing well. Not enough wax to make enough candles.

You will run out of saints to venerate before God runs out of mercy.

Hoo-doos and mojo hands make for great blues lyrics.

But if you want what it takes to get "out from under it" then you will have to humble yourself before the Lord God Almighty and receive from Him what is forgiveness wrapped in peace and mercy.

Forgiveness that carries us into eternity. Forgiveness that secures.

Forgiveness that manifests in the peace we don't know we never had until we finally get it.

It's high quality and lasting because it's not cheap. It comes with a high price tag attached.

If it came off with water John the Baptist would have been the Savior instead of Jesus.

The Blood of the Son of God bought your forgiveness on Calvary.

Don't cheapen it, nor think that anyone else can either.

Wherever your "foot of the Cross" is today, get there. The struggle ends today.

Get there.

Keepin' it Real,

Pastor Kevin <><

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