Monday, December 21, 2009

"Seeing The Forest Through The Trees", by Pastor Kevin Lynch

That's what Christmas is like to me. Except it becomes more like seeing Christmas through the hypocrisy.

I want to see what the shepherd's saw. I want to feel what the Magi felt. Experience what Simeon and Anna experienced.

It's obvious that Christmas was not limited to one day, but in it's initial stage had stretched over a period of at least two years.

It was intended to be something that is celebrated every day in the hearts of mankind.

Instead we have ended up with this frenzied hypocritical free for all, which has been taken over by people who want the glitz of Christmas without accepting the major component which is Christ.

It's like falling in love with the lines and contours of a beautiful new car but asking the dealer to leave out the engine.

The Christmas we see played out before us commencing on Black Friday is a sham holiday. It's closer to Roman Saturnalia than it is to a celebration of Christ's birth.

It has become an orgy of lustful, carnal, sensory oriented indulgence.

I'd be afraid to take a survey, sadly even within the greater constituency of the Church, and ask what have you received from Christmas?

Here's what Simeon saw when Jesus was brought to the temple for dedication:

Luke 2:30 - "For with my [own] eyes I have seen Your Salvation."

That's what we are supposed to see.

I'll submit that it doesn't take Christmas to do that. In February of 1986 I saw the Salvation of God in the Person of Jesus Christ and it was my rescue, my life changing nexus.

I celebrate that every day of my life.

It wasn't the birthday celebration that was the centerpiece of Christmas, but what that birth represented.

We are missing the forest for the trees. We are missing Christmas through the various obstacles of hypocrisy and shiny objects that have distracted us.

Just the way our sworn enemy would like it.

When a person looks through the haze of deception, and finally is able to behold the Salvation of God, then will the true joy of Christmas shine brighter than the Bethlehem Star did.

So I say, put up your lights, give your gifts, decorate your trees, not as the pagan celebrators who have stolen the meaning of CHRISTmas, but as a joyful expression of your Salvation in Him!

Be blessed...Christ has been born! Your salvation in Him has been put in motion!

See clear to accept Him.

Keepin' it Real,

Pastor Kevin <><

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