Monday, June 13, 2011

"Place Yourself In Position To Receive"

Pentecost has come and gone. Some celebrate it religiously as some sort of "holy day", while others see it more biblically and celebrate in spirit. Pentecost was an event in history that launched the Church. You don't have to wait until it rolls around next year to receive what the 120 did in the upper room.

Acts 8:17 (AMP) - "Then [the apostles] laid their hands on them one by one, and they received the Holy Spirit."

Peter and John traveled to Samaria to make sure the believers there received the Holy Spirit. They imparted the Spirit through the laying on of hands. We celebrated Pentecost yesterday in my church by doing the same. What better way to honor the event?

It doesn't have to always be by laying on of hands. Peter was preaching to the family of Cornelius, and the Holy Spirit interrupted Peter midway and fell on them right then and there!

It's not a one time shot either. There are fillings and refillings. You can be blessed and filled in your living room, at your desk, in your bed, while out shopping. You can have your hallelujah moments when He takes you by surprise, or when you purposely seek Him.

The point is...He's available. No appointment necessary!

Have you been waiting for revival? Some of you have been waiting years.


Revival is only a spirit quickened by the Holy Spirit to enjoy what has already been dropped into our midst. It's not God's responsibility to provide revival. It's our responsibility to appropriate it and enjoy it! Stop waiting for the magic message or the anointed preacher to bring it. Decide for yourself you will live in it and go for it. Do that with enough likeminded people and you will see a breakout. Don't gather and wait for it, gather and do it!

If we believe Peter's proclamation in Acts 2 that the prophecy of Joel has been fulfilled ("I will pour out of My Spirit upon all mankind") then what are we petitioning and waiting for God to do exactly?

I know, I'm making this all sound tremendously easy. Well, it is easy...speaking for myself that is. It's finding 100 others to join me that's the hard part. The flame has to burn hot in someone to crave more fire.

It's sad and tragic when a fire dies down to an ember or never gets started in the first place. It's sad when the Holy Spirit is squelched and gifted people are discouraged from practicing their gifts.

Keepin' it Real,

Pastor Kevin <><

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