Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Message Like This Could Downright Save Somebody Today

When were those dreams and good intentions of yours turned to dust?

I'm not sure when that happened for me. Somewhere between youthful bliss and early adulthood life took a nasty downward turn.

The Edenic expectations that remain buried somewhere deep in our subconscious and built into some strand of our DNA were at some point vanquished by a dose of present reality.

 "Welcome to your birthright son. Oh yeah, your first ancestors really screwed it up for you, so try and do the best you can."

There is enough inherent memory from ancient days gone by that let us realize that we were destined for something greater from our origins. However, something went radically wrong.

Yes...we do know that. It's born and bred into us from the egg.

Genesis 3:24 (AMP)

"So [God] drove out the man; and He placed at the east of the Garden of Eden the cherubim and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep and guard the way to the tree of life."

Ouch. Bad boy Adam. You and your wife could screw up a free lunch. In fact, you did.

It hurt then, it still hurts today. Look around you. The effects are stark and vivid. The common man's greatest pleasure comes from mind porn, bullets, self indulgence, and a good hockey fight. If that floats your boat, if that made your week, it is the startling testimony of a sick and demented world going more crazy day by day.

I am convinced more and more as my life winds along, that the smartest and most important decision of my life was when I connected to Jesus Christ in a real and purposeful manner. I was going under for the third time. I needed a lifeline. I was hopeless. I was dead, and didn't even have the sense to lay down. I thought I was just being delivered from drugs. The completeness of Him is startling. Jesus changes EVERYTHING.

 1 Corinthians 15:45 (AMP) - "Thus it is written, The first man Adam became a living being (an individual personality); the last Adam (Christ) became a life-giving Spirit [restoring the dead to life]."

That's what He did. He reboots and upgrades the software. He's the Life Giving Spirit that blows sustenance back into those who are destined to follow the path of Adam. He is known as the "Second Adam", or, the "Last Adam".

He restores. He reverses the curses. He has opened the Gates of Life for those of us who turn to Him. We aren't humiliated anymore. We aren't evictees from the Kingdom of Heaven. We have full access. We are the King's Kids with a big backyard to roam around in.  In the midst of maniacs trying to kill us, storms ravaging every corner of the globe, sickness, disease, and pestilence, rising gas prices, political unrest and uncertainty, people taking the gas pipe to oblivion...we...somehow...find peace, joy, love, and a fervor for sharing it. It may not be the physical planet God had planned for us...yet. But, it is a restoration to the spiritual life He desired for us.

I am a friend of Jesus and a son of God. He meets me anytime I want to spend time with Him, which is often.

He is the only reason to live. He is my hope and dreams restored. I am a child again. No cares. No worry. No anxiety. No stress.

My Daddy will take care of it.

Do you have that assurance in your life today?

Keepin' it Real,

Pastor Kevin <><


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