Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What Has He Done?

There is a passive indifference to Jesus for the most part, rather than a seething hatred or demonstrative anger. At least that's so here in America where governments still cling to a tattered shred of what used to be religious freedom. Not so in some foreign nations.

In any event, what's the deal? Have you ever contemplated why the very name of Jesus causes so much controversy?

Mark 15:14 (AMP) - "But Pilate said to them, Why? What has He done that is evil? But they shouted with all their might all the more, Crucify Him [at once]!"

I mean, why? Even Pilate, who had a penchant for cruelty, was stunned by the level of hatred and anger being poured out against a seemingly harmless and meek man.

"What has He done that is evil?"

The evil asking the evil to commiserate over evil.

In the meantime Jesus stands in their midst, the spotless Lamb of God. One who had never hurt anyone, who only had the best interest of humanity at the center of His purpose.

People who claimed to speak for and represent His Father were screaming for Him to be crucified. Not as a Savior for mankind's sin, but as a common criminal accused of not being religious enough.

And if we think we have no need to examine ourselves, and our belief systems we have attached ourselves to, we are gravely mistaken.

We might just find that we have blurred the line that separates religious observation and good works and intentions from the Truth. Don't forget, they thought they were doing a good thing for God by killing Jesus. We might think we are doing the same thing all the while systematically replacing The Way, The Truth, and The Life with a dulled concept.

The Conceptual Jesus allows for aberrations and cheap knockoffs to be done "under" His name. The Real Jesus settles for nothing less than total devotion and Power from Heaven "IN" His Name.

I know Power from Heaven. I also know cheap grace and nonsense.

I choose Power from Heaven manifested in the midst of us through His Presence. Salvation. Healing. Deliverance.

Keepin' it Real,

Pastor Kevin <><


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