Sunday, September 20, 2009

Just A Simple Word I Believe Is From God

Just A Simple Word I Believe Is From God

I'm not generally given to treating the Word of God, His gifts, etc., lightly. I take care not to exploit or take for granted anything that has to do with representing Him in ministry.

I think a lot of things pertaining to God and His Church gets overdone, hyped, exploited.

None more so than the gift of prophecy, or the prophetic.

So I tend not to dabble there. It's not that I don't believe in it. I just choose not to get on board with what I see as a major exploitation of it for notoriety and profit.

However, one day a few months ago, I received what I felt was a legitimate prophetic message from God.

I did share parts of it with my congregation, and received from them what I felt was a confirmation that I had heard from God.

I wrote it all down at the time, as if I was taking dictation. I never write with paper and pen. Never. So I had the task of deciphering what is no more than chicken scratch even when I'm taking my time.

So, I have decided to transcribe it for all this morning. It's several months old, but if it is from God it is timeless.

I'll let you be the judge, not so much of whether I have heard from God, but in reading it whether you have. Such is the nature and purpose of prophecy to begin with in my humble understanding.

A SIMPLE WORD (I believe is from Him)

"You who are anxiety ridden, fearful, sleepless, torn asunder, buried in debt, aloof in your faith, not fully committed, confused, struggling, partially involved, consumed in yourself, trapped in your mind, fearful to trust, unwilling to be loved, bitter and dissatisfied with your circumstances..."

"To you I say, My Father has provided a comfortable place for you to find comfort, yet you avoid it and have abandoned it in your hearts. It is a place of peace, and a source of healing and comfort, yet you have deserted it and given it a place of secondary importance."

"I have placed you first, yet you have placed Me second."

"Let not the heart of your Lord be grieved and turned away."


I don't think it is up to me to interpret that. I think I know what it means for me as a pastor, but I'm more concerned for what it means to you.

I'm not even sure for whom it was originally intended. Me? Or you?

Both I suspect, but I'm not going to read anything into it, or attempt to explain it for you.

I feel I am being obedient just to pass it on and allowing His Holy Spirit to interpret it as He sees fit.

After all, it's His word. I didn't write it. Keep in mind also that the timing is from about 6 months ago. That could very well be the supernatural factor. His right time might be today.

Be blessed today as you gather with your church families in the Lord.

Keepin' it Real,

Pastor Kevin <><

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