Friday, June 4, 2010

"Expectation Is Vital", by Pastor Kevin Lynch

Before I went in for my surgery yesterday, I'll admit I was a bit perplexed. I had expected the mass on my upper chest to have disappeared before I actually had to go through the process.

Instead I had to actually go under the knife only to have the doctor tell me he couldn't find anything.

Not that I mind, as I understand God obviously had a purpose, if not only to be a witness to every person in the OR as to His healing power.

Acts 5:12 - "Now by the hands of the apostles (special messengers) numerous and startling signs and wonders were being performed among the people."

I'm still suffering the effects of the anesthesia and pain meds this morning, so I'm afraid I'll be cutting this short.

However, understand this. There was nothing that happened yesterday that I wasn't expecting to happen.

Lack of expectation, a form of unbelief, is in my opinion, the number one reason why people do not experience miracles in their lives.

In the believer, lack of belief ( a literal oxymoron) is unacceptable. It works against faith. It works against God.

Be blessed today.

Keepin' it Real,

Pastor Kevin <><

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