Friday, April 26, 2013

I Desire God

Suppose someone developed a way to simplify life? I mean REALLY simplify daily living. By that I mean by making it easier to deal with some of the tough decisions we have to make, taking the pressure off of the everyday life choices, enduring the stresses and anxieties that we are confronted with.  If we paused and considered and fixated on just how much we have to put up with every day, well, life just wouldn't be so much fun living.

And for many people life is no fun at all. No joy. No peace. No comfort. No healthy outlook.

No direction.

It could all change. It did for me many years ago. It can for you today.


"I desire to do Your will, my God."

What? You were expecting Yoda? Some ancient Kung-Fu master, Weedhopper?

NO! This is better. The most powerful words from the Master of the Universe and all of it's Creation!

It's Psalm 40:8, and it's life changing words of supernatural power. It is from The Logos. The Word. Jesus Christ.

Activate it in your life. Say it. "I desire to do Your will, my God."

That means we are agreeing to place our own faulty and natural will aside and elevate God's will to the highest status.

Let Your will be done, not mine Lord. My will has not always played out the best for me in my life. In fact, not at all. Never.

Desiring God's will has been the single most greatest thing I have ever done for me.

I desire God. I desire God.

God changes things. Jesus never fails. 
It will simplify your life and give it order and purpose. With order and purpose comes joy, peace, love, comfort, serenity.
Keepin' it Real,
Pastor Kevin <><

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