Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Twitter Prayer

In praying the Scriptures this morning here is what I believe for myself and others who agree.

Father, I come to You in the name of Jesus. I thank You for making it possible for me to boldly and confidently enter into Your Presence. Thank You for treating me as a son today. Thank You for my inheritance which was accomplished for me by the Blood of Your Son Jesus Christ! I am here to praise and honor You as the Only God! I am here to receive my daily "bread" as You have provided. Thank You Father! You are a great and gracious Father!

My Lord is bigger than any mountain of difficulty that rises up in front of me today. Even if my faith not as large as yesterdays I will still be able to cast it down and away because of Jesus! There is not a single problem or issue that is impossible to break the power of as long as I keep my eyes on Jesus and believe His Word over my life today!

There is no "desert" too dry for me to walk through today. You will hydrate me.

You will feed and nourish me and make provision for others. You will keep me in perfect health and use me to impart that for others.

I will have enough to meet every financial need that presents itself. Your abundance overflows in my life.

I will walk as the conqueror over evil that I am in You. No weapon formed against me shall prosper or prevail.


Satan and his minions know that the Spirit of Jesus Christ manifest in me has walked over what will soon become their final grave! Thank you Jesus! Demons flee at the sound of your Great Name! They want no piece of me!

People will be healed today just because I have believed they will in Jesus' name!

Depression and anxiety are lifting from every mind who agrees with this today!

Thank you Father for Your great faith deposit in me. I have Your faith. I am blessed. I am healed. I am prosperous. I am loved. I am able to love. EVERYTHING I have in my life is because of You. EVERYTHING! And I thank you for each thing, each person.

Bless my Church this morning, Lord. Let it be the instrument of Truth in my community.

SOZO! Selah!

Your loving servant...me.

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