Monday, May 27, 2013

Give It Away

Matthew 10:8  - "Cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, drive out demons. Freely you have received, freely give."

I have noticed over the years that not only is this admonition being widely ignored, but just flat out rejected. Sometimes it even raises up anger, rebuke, and strong antagonistic sentiments.

I never stopped to consider that perhaps all the negative response is coming from folks who haven't received.

You just can't give from an empty account. You can't.

We have heard it said that it is better to give than to receive.  Not quite accurate.

Actually the Word says in Acts 20:35, "It is more blessed (makes one happier and more to be envied) to give than to receive." I have to say that I was pretty blessed when I first received my SOZO (salvation, healing, deliverance), but my initial joy was eclipsed by the far surpassing ecstasy I receive when I participate in someone else getting saved, healed, and delivered. It just gains steam as it continues to roll forward.

You still cannot give away what you have not received.  It's kind of like a chicken or the egg thing. In this case it's the chicken.

Once a believer receives they are generally ecstatic to give it away.

Judging by how many sickly complainers there are in the Body of Christ (somewhat of an oxymoron), there just ain't a whole lot of receiving going on, ergo, not much healing either. Nothing coming in, nothing going out. Math is math. It applies in the Kingdom. Billy Preston was right. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing.

This is how God designed it. We get healed, we heal others. We get saved, we get others saved. It's a beautifully simple concept that completely breaks down when its principles are not being followed. It's not an Einsteinian formula. 

Got SOZO? Then give it away! Of course if you really had it I wouldn't have to be telling you to give it away.

I wouldn't be able to stop you.

To the unsung quiet heroes who are laying their hands on every sickness they come into contact with, shaking the gates of hell just by waking up each morning, and proclaiming the gospel every chance they get, I say thank you! The Kingdom of Heaven advances and is made real and present on earth because of your obedience.

Keepin' it Real,

Pastor Kevin <><

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