Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Have It Now!

Some have grown to believe that the latter part of the verse below pertains soley to the end times or the final disposition of the human spirit. While there is surely that great day when we will all enter into the place where we will spend eternity, we have in essence already enterered into it (or not) right now. If you are a believer you are in the Kingdom. 

Why do so many miss it? Why do so many see it as a far off future event?

Why is the Kingdom of Heaven being missed right now in so many lives, in so many churches?

It's because we are not child like enough to believe everything our Father teaches and Jesus says.

Mark 10:15 (AMP) - "Truly I tell you, whoever does not receive and accept and welcome the kingdom of God like a little child [does] positively shall not enter it at all."

Receive. Accept. Welcome.  

He is speaking about now.

This is the reason so many keep chasing after revival like a dog chasing it's tail. They never catch up to it because they have failed to realize that it is always here. 

There's no reason to try to "have" the elusive revival. It's looming large over the Church.

Receive it. Accept it. Welcome it. Enter into it.

Oh yeah, first you have to believe it. It might take becoming less of a grownup to do that.

He did say welcome the Kingdom of God like a child.

Most of us adults have found that if we take our adulthood too seriously, and not trust over everything to God with the faith of a child, we will not have a good go of it. In fact, it will be somber, sour, and sorrowful. It will cause us to live like we don't really want to.

Do you think Jesus wants you unhappy? Anxiety ridden? Sad? You are of little use to Him in that condition. Don't forget you are a billboard for the Kingdom of Heaven. When people see you does it make them want to know Jesus?

Do you think you are trapped in your present situation? If so you are not thinking like a child. Children see no end to possibilities. Children have no reason to doubt. They run with it.

Maybe you need to run with it this morning. Maybe you see possibilities, but in your heart you are believing they will never come to pass. You are afraid to just take the greatest leap of faith in your life. 

I could walk away from anything if it was for Jesus. I know. I have done it. Jesus didn't fail me.

If you don't do this NOW, you might never do it. It (whatever IT is for you) will always remain so far in the future that for you it won't happen until the final judgment. 

In the meantime, you will have passed up an entire lifetime of beautiful Kingdom living.

That would be tragic.

Keepin' it Real

Pastor Kevin <><


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