Monday, August 16, 2010

"I See The Crashing And The Burning", by Pastor Kevin Lynch

While I am a diligent student of all the Word of God, and always heed the full counsel of Jesus and the Holy Spirit as to what and when to say what they would have me say, there are "favorite" passages that have effected me deeply and to which I return to regularly.

For instance, I love and refer to often verses from Matthew 6 concerning God's care over us.

The beginning chapters of Genesis dealing with the Creation and the Fall of Man are particularly meaningful to me.

How to live by faith, and what faith means from Hebrews 11 thrills me every time I preach it!

However, the Authority of the Believer as found in Luke 9 and 10 are to me some of the most exciting and pertinent words in all the Word of God, and cannot be worn out by preaching and teaching it effectively over and over again.

Such it is today.

I see what Jesus saw, simply by me putting it into effect, and encouraging others to as well.

Luke 10:18 - "And He said to them, I saw Satan falling like a lightning [flash] from heaven.

I see the crashing and the burning of the best efforts of the devil himself.

He tries. Lord, how he tries.

Satan's business is the destruction of the Church.

He tries, Lord, how he tries.

But, preceding what Jesus says He saw, was the report of people like you and me, and the exciting report of "Lord, even the demons are subject to us in Your Name!"

That's your concern for today. Are you operating in the strength and power of the Name of Jesus Christ today?

There should be evidence. Are you seeing the smoke trails from the most recently defeated efforts of Satan trying to destroy you?

Have you been to the crash site? Do the demons fall at your feet and cringe and subject themselves to you for disposal simply because you have spoken the Name of Jesus?

That my friends is EXACTLY how it should be! This is the normal Christian experience!

We have been instructed to use the authority of His Name. Demons are not afraid of you. They are afraid of Jesus in you.

The mere mention of His Name sends them to fleeing.

Listen to this from Jesus in verse 19: "Behold! I have given you authority and power to trample upon serpents and scorpions, and [physical and mental strength and ability] over all the power that the enemy [possesses]; and nothing shall in any way harm you.

If you figure on not believing me, make sure you at least believe Jesus.

These are His Words, not mine.

There you have it. "I HAVE GIVEN YOU"! His words to you today.

What are you going to do with that?

I'm hoping you start throwing the weight of that gift around with the authority that comes with it and begin to get the devil and his demons out of every demonic facet and stronghold in your life!

"Get your hands off my kids in the NAME OF JESUS!"

"Satan I command you to leave my mind and body with your destructive attitudes and diseases, IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!"

"Demons from Hell, remove yourselves from my presence and my home in the NAME OF JESUS!"

These are just a few samples.

Do that. Do that and watch the crashing and the burning of yet another failure to harm you and yours.

Take authority in Christ and His promise is that "Nothing shall in any way harm you."

Put it to work and be more than a conqueror!

Keepin' it Real,

Pastor Kevin <><

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