Friday, August 13, 2010

"Know This And Understand", by Pastor Kevin Lynch

What's to know? You go though your day and you will say, "Thank you doctor", or you may praise the bank manager for spinning you a loan. You might marvel at the taste of the pastry the local bakery has prepared for you. You will tip the waiter, the bag boy, and the person who pumps your gas. You will giggle with glee as you find a sale at Walmart. Or that raise you have been hoping for has appeared in your paycheck. At the end of the day as you reach past your dust collecting bible to get to the remote, you will marvel at how smooth everything went and how blessed you are in this life.

As good a scenario as that portrays it lacks. By all intents and purposes it was a failure.

You just think it went well.

Days like that will happen. It will all seemingly fall into place in spite of the lack of a critical element.

Acts 4.

Peter, filled and inspired by the Holy Spirit, lets a crowd of people know that the reason they are celebrating a good fortune is because of one thing and one thing only:


In this daily scenario you had failed to recognize Jesus. You praised and tipped your way through the day without even once considering that you owe everything and much, much more to Jesus.

Acts 4:10 - "Let it be known and understood by all of you, and by the whole house of Israel, that in the name and through the power and authority of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Whom you crucified, [but] Whom God raised from the dead, in Him and by means of Him this man is standing here before you well and sound in body."

It's all in the Name and the Power. The Crucified and Risen Jesus Christ.

How did you manage to forget Him?

Acts 4:11-12 - "This [Jesus] is the Stone which was despised and rejected by you, the builders, but which has become the Head of the corner [the Cornerstone]. (12) And there is salvation in and through no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by and in which we must be saved."

Despised and rejected.

How does one actually despise and reject Him today?

By ignoring Him. In fact, if He is not remembered in the small things then it could be said that He is mistreated.

Jesus is not to be pulled off the shelf on Sunday and forgotten the rest of the week.

Have you introduced your doctor to Him? Your bank manager? Your baker? The waiter, the bag boy, and the pump jockey?

Have you thanked Him for something as simple as 15% off? The little extra something in your pay?

People who think highly of something let everyone else know about it.

I'll bet everybody knows about your windfall and the sale event at Walmart.

Do they all know equally about your Jesus?

Your very salvation, as well as your sound mind and body, depend fully and exclusively upon the Name above every other name.

Today, tomorrow, and every day from here on out...'s Jesus.

Php. 2:10-11 - "That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, (11) and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father."

Keepin' it Real,

Pastor Kevin <><

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