Friday, October 29, 2010

"Do You Think Your Doing Impresses God?", by Pastor Kevin Lynch

Christians like to do things. They jump on every fad that hits the airwaves. They tirelessly dedicate their time and effort to things which in themselves are not wrong, but generally do not accomplish anything in relation to the energy, time, money, etc. that is expended. In short, it makes the person feel like they are accomplishing something, but worse it gives a false sense of understanding that somehow God has been impressed with us.

There are things that impress God. Fake and meaningless works are not one of them.

Giving every facet of ourselves over to Him does. He calls it spiritual worship.

Romans 12:1 - "Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God--this is your spiritual act of worship."

He loves us to do things, but only when it is Him doing them through us.

I know this is going to ruffle some feathers, so I am trying to iron out the wrinkle here.

I have found that when the flesh gets in the way of something that may even appear to be super spiritual on the surface, at the end of the day it has counted for nothing.

I am alluding to the fact that many things we do individually or as the church body, often has an underlying motive other than giving our all for the spiritual worship of God.

We usually do stuff, even for God, with some expectation of something in return. This is not the Jesus Way. The Jesus Way is the unselfish way with no guarantee of anything in return.

The Church or individuals will sometimes do things to make the church look good, to draw new members, to raise money, etc. All of those are wrong motivations. And even if challenged they will respond that it was all for gathering souls into the Kingdom.

One had better be careful with that, because if that is not 100% true it will reap a whirlwind of judgment instead of blessing. This is what is wrong with Christian television. The motives sound good, but seldom are they in the best interest of the Kingdom of God.

Be careful also about marveling about how many souls you are winning, how much money you're giving, how much door knocking you're doing, that it is not drawing more attention to yourself and your church, than to Jesus Christ.

So much of the Church today moves on selfishness rather than selflessness, that it's no wonder it is poorly portrayed. The glitz and the glare are not the attraction. One might think so when they look at the filled pews and elaborate media stardom, but you have to dig through a lot of stuff to actually see Jesus.

Too many have not so much as passed within a mile of Calvary on their way to doing their stuff. The Jesus Way is to pause at the foot of the Cross and make sure that it is Him you are serving first and not your pastor, your church, or yourself.

Want to impress God? Embrace His Son Jesus Christ and make it all for Him.

Keepin' it Real,

Pastor Kevin <><

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