Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Like A Dragnet"

Jesus brought with Him the Kingdom of God. He also showed us the Kingdom of Heaven. As mentioned previously, there is a difference. It is also a theme taught by Jesus only in the Gospel of Matthew.

Matt. 13:47 - "Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a dragnet which was cast into the sea and gathered in fish of every sort."

Fish of every sort. We'd like to pick and choose who gets into the net, let alone the Kingdom. Try some may, we don't get that choice. God does.

It's not to say He doesn't have standards. In fact, He has some very strict ones, but our responsibility is to pull down Heaven into our presence, or simply, "cast the net".

The world is our "sea". The "net" is the gospel. The "fish" are whosoever gets drawn in.

As fisherman sort through the "catch", so will the angels of heaven sort through the dragnet of people (vs. 49).

Some will be righteous. Some will be wicked. The righteous make it. The wicked don't. They get tossed away.

I'm glad I just toss the net and don't have to pick who gets in and who doesn't. I'm glad I get to pull down Heaven as it is within my reach. I'm glad Heaven brings with it God's will to be performed here on earth as it gets done in Heaven. I'm glad it does. Sometimes.

Sometimes both ways. Sometimes it doesn't get done, and sometimes it isn't always pleasant.

We have to expect, in fact we need to plead, that it all gets done. The glorious AND the scathing chastisement.

Both necessary for revival if we are ever to actually see it. I have to laugh sometimes at what the Church is willing to stamp as "having a revival". Judging by some of the recent models I pray it's more than that. I pray that it extends past the sanctuary into the streets and homes and workplaces, from one church to another, to the jails and hospitals, nursing and retirement homes, rehab centers, AA meetings...

When I see the lame walk and blind see in the places we would NOT EXPECT to see them, THEN I will get over the top excited.

Sin has to be dealt with. Demons have to be driven out. Souls (minds) need to be transformed. All of that transformed into Kingdom thinking which is to expand the Kingdom of Heaven and to decrease the labyrinths of hell.

I am out to destroy the works of the devil and to break down the gates of hell. I will no longer be satisfied with anything less than that.

We will see salvation. We will see healing. We will see demons set to fleeing. All of these I have enjoyed seeing manifested in my ministry over the years. I want to see more of it. I will not be satisfied until all who pass through my presence have at least been confronted with the Kingdom of Heaven both within and without the confines of the sanctuary.

Out goes the net into the sea. Let's make sure that the angels will not have to separate too many by the time they get to them.

Keepin' it Real,

Pastor Kevin <><

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