Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Sniper At The Gate", by Pastor Kevin Lynch

It never stops. We shouldn't expect it to. There may be lulls, or it may seem relentless at times.

I am speaking of the trials and cares of daily living complicated and compounded by the dark forces of evil purposely unleashed to keep the disciples of Jesus Christ from their solemn appointment.

That's a mouthful.

I don't know about you, but this week I feel like there has been a sniper taking potshots at me.

Pretty good strategy by Old Scratch. Install some shooters right along the road to Paradise.

He's not concerned about posting any along the the road to Perdition.

His bullets are stress, anxiety, fear, disappointment, discouragement...

His aim is true as he targets the weakest spots at the worst possible moments.

When you think you are stressed he fires off a salvo to exploit a condition and send it over the top.

He has his sharpshooters strategically placed, even at the very portal where this world meets the next.

One last shot. He knows that once you break the plane of eternal life you belong to his Sworn Enemy.

Some days there is no joy. Sometimes there is bad news. Other days you just feel plain yucky.

Some days...some weeks...some months...there is nothing but bad news.

Yeah, even though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death lined with sharpshooters...

A full assault.

I think it's past the point where we can comfortably say we have found a way to escape.

No...we are in the battle. I submit that if you haven't been on the business end of a satanic and demonic assault, that it's not a sign of how wonderfully spiritual you are.

It could be the devil doesn't see you as a threat.

Why waste ammunition?

God hasn't designed us to flee. He has designed us to stand and fight.

"Resist the devil and he shall flee FROM YOU!" (James 4:7)

That's my response for me at least.

I'm not folding my hand. I'm taking my spot on the wall.

You're a player or you're not.

God has put me on the wall.

It's often very lonely on the wall. Very lonely.

If none come with me, I will still follow.

This is not the time to curl up and give in.

This is the time to fight.

Fight for your salvation. Fight for your sanctification. Fight for your family.

Fight for your church.

You're all in or you're not.

Spend some time in the green pastures and along the cool waters that He will lead you to.

It's all there even in the shadows of death itself.

Be at peace and be joyful today!

Keepin' it Real,

Pastor Kevin <><

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