Friday, August 16, 2013

The Great Exchange

Let's start off by referring to what Jesus has told us. In my opinion, there is no information in this life that is more important than what Jesus tells us. Period.

So, in John 8:32, He says, "And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free."

He precedes that by vs. 31 where He says that we are truly His disciples if we live by His Word and according to His teachings.

It's all right there. Follow Jesus, become familiar with His teachings through the Word, and we will know the truth, and the truth will set us free.


Yeah, but what exactly are we being freed from?

Good question.

A good part of the time that we study the Word we can read a passage and look at it conversely. In other words, if we are being set free by the truth, then we must not have had the truth before, and therefore we were in bondage to the lie.

The opposite (conversely) of the truth is a lie. The opposite of being set free is to be held in bondage.

So, we are set free by Jesus from the lie we have been entrapped in which is opposite to His truth.

I don't see that as too confusing.

Yeah but, what EXACTLY is it we're being set from?


OK, here it is. Paul says in Romans that the human race has exchanged the truth for a lie. That happened waaaaaaayyyyyyyyy back in the Garden when the serpent convinced Eve to sample forbidden fruit and then she in turn convinced Adam to do the same.

That's not any old exchange, that's the Big Daddy of 'em all.

But it set the tone for all future exchanges of the Truth for the Lie.

The Lie takes on many shapes and forms. Simply put, a lie is anything that is untruthful.

I have found that many people cannot be moved away from the lie.

See, in my life, the Truth (which IS Jesus Christ) has allowed me not to obsess or even become slightly infatuated with non-truths of any degree.

Where I cannot determine what is actually the truth, I don't swing to the opposite and believe the lie, I just leave it alone and trust what I know is THE Truth. Jesus has delivered me from a suspicious nature. However, it has not made me naive either.

I live my live by the reality of The Truth.

All the other stuff just makes "white noise" in my brain and interferes with the real Truth getting through. lol!

See, here's what I'm saying. I have been set free. I sleep soundly and peacefully every night without the aid of external assistance because I have agreed to believe and follow Jesus, and His Truth has set me free from any possibility of falling prey to lies. I will not be moved from that by anyone or any circumstance.

It's the Lie that keeps people pacing the halls at night (with the exception of overdoing the pepperoni pizza or other forces and physical problems beyond the quietness or comfort conducive to a good rest). It's the Lie that makes people lose hope in desperate situations. It's the Lie that confounds the solidarity of a good relationship. 

When we exchange the Truth for the Lie we: sleep less soundly, throw up our hands and give up, estrange ourselves from people who mean something to us.

The Truth is Jesus Christ. The Lie is anything that renounces or confounds that Truth.

I pray you are making wise and Holy Spirit informed choices today. I pray that if you have made a poor exchange of the Truth for the Lie, that you will rectify that even as soon as right now! Jesus IS the Way, the Truth, and the Life! When you accept that you become set free! I desperately want to see people set free! 

Be blessed today!

Run it all past Jesus first!

Keepin' it Real,

Pastor Kevin <><

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