Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What's Your Story, Morning Glory?

What's your story this morning?

Are you a morning glory?

How'd you wake up today?

Alive (hopefully)? Happy? Sad? Depressed? Tired? Angry? Apprehensive? Concerned? Disappointed?

Generally for me, anything less than happy is unacceptable.

Listen to this:

2 Peter 1:19 (Amplified Bible) - "And we have the prophetic word [made] firmer still. You will do well to pay close attention to it as to a lamp shining in a dismal (squalid and dark) place, until the day breaks through [the gloom] and the Morning Star rises (comes into being) in your hearts."

Maybe your life today is not a squalid dark place. Maybe it's just gloomy. 

I think far too many people in the world wake up this way and spend the majority of their day in that funk. More disturbing is the fact that many of those are followers of Christ.


This is why Peter says that we would do well to spend time in the Word of God. It is the light that breaks through the gloom! Don't forget that Jesus IS the Word (John 1:1).

It allows the Morning Star (Christ) to rise in our hearts.

Trust me, you WANT the Morning Star to rise in your heart. It's the difference between you being a "Morning Glory" or being a morning grouch. Or worse.

Go to bed with the Word and rise with the Word.

Grab the Bible instead of a bottle.

Take a Gos-pill, instead of a (insert drug of choice here).


A spoonful of Jesus becomes the medicine for your life! Proverbs 17:22 says, "A joyful heart is good medicine." 

Conversely, a crushed spirit dries up the bones. Yikes.

Prophetic advice if you will receive it.

My prayer for YOU today is that you will have a joyful and obnoxiously happy day! And you will have it IN SPITE of peripheral and external circumstances! I hope the story you write today is a happy one!

REMEMBER! It all has to get past Jesus first!

Keepin' it Real,

Pastor Kevin <><

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